National Day on Writing 2009

Picture 5

Since I was unable to start up my own gallery for this year’s National Day on Writing, I’ve decided instead to try out some new forms of online writing.  First, I played with the multimodal writing tools of VoiceThread to archive the day’s events  In the piece above, we take advantage of VoiceThread’s collaborative potentials by contributing to a collective commentary on the National Day on Writing events offered at the University of Minnesota.

Many of these events were organized by the Center for Writing and you will hear their voices in the VoiceThread above. Lend an ear and take a peek at this year’s celebration of writing. (Click on the image above to see/hear the piece or visit the piece via the UofMN Gallery of Writing)

Second, I decided to finally contribute to an online forum by posting a comment.  While I often read discussions online, I remain a “lurker” and do not contribute.  So to actually participate, I posted a discussion comment to a recent article about Chris Jordan’s photos of dead birds filled with garbage. It was a bit nerve racking to think that others might actually read and respond to my thoughts.  Yet, inspired by the desire to further develop an “answerability” for my actions, I took the plunge.  I display it here to further remind myself that participation also involves contribution.

C comment


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