multigenre synergy

multigenre wordle

This week the teachers in my Digital Writing class collaborated to create a multigenre piece titled “A Soldier’s Blog.” Not only was the piece multigenre, taking up letter, postcard, recipie, poetry, and news story genres, it also was multimodal AND multimedia, combining pictures, voice, linguistic text and music, into wiki pages, VoiceThread, Garage Band, & Photo Story.

While I was a bit nervous about taking on such a complex task in single class setting, thinking it might be overwhelming to those who don’t compose digitally on a regular basis, the process and final piece were as one student summarized “amazing.”  They all wrote and composed such wonderful pieces.  Not only did I finish class feeling exuberant and enthused by the energy of accomplishment in the room, but the teachers also felt invigorated by the experience.  The Wordle above catches the words they used to summarize their experience.

It is moments like these that make me feel so fortunate to do the work I do, working with such creative and thoughtful professionals.


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