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digital storytelling as pedagogy

The Pedagogy of Digital Storytelling in the College Classroom

The digitalstory that Rachel Raimist, Walt Jacobs, and I co-created was featured today on the CLA homepage. Rachel was truly the editing artist behind this piece.  That said, I so enjoyed the collaborative process we used to create this piece.  We brainstormed our ideas using synchronous and asynchronous chat on Google.wave.  We used this discussion as the basis of our voice over. Rachel then made the final revisions to each of our voice-over scripts, which we then recorded and uploaded to Media Mill. Rachel was then able to access all of the media from our individual digital story pieces and mix them into the final product.

This video will eventually be featured along side an article we wrote  together for, explaining the design of the Fall 2008 course, Digital Storytelling in and with Communities of Color.


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