Hacking books

Hacking Picture Books. I love this concept. It is such a literal use of “cut and paste” and yet such a fundamental practice for critical literacy. Thanks to Amy Stornaiuolo for sharing her photos of the messy yet critically freeing process.

Amy Stornaiuolo

Note: I cross-posted this as a resource at the Digital Is website!

Last month I went to the Educon conference at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia for the first time and was so excited to see all of the amazing work being done by educators to incorporate digital literacies into their practices and classrooms. I was particularly inspired by the hackjam run by Meenoo Rami and Chad Sansing (watch it livehere or read about Chad’s reflections on it here). Immediately I saw how this activity might be a generative one for my digital literacies class at the University of Pennsylvania to help us consider more carefully the ideas of participatory learningcomposing as making, and hacker literacies.

One of the central ideas I was hoping we could explore was how play and Making can help to transform our teaching/learning practices. Hacking (or tweaking…

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  1. Thanks Candance! We are just about to try this in this year’s cohort–super engaging but like you say, impactful for critical literacy practices (and for imagining this idea of remix/hacking/making in a more conceptual way). Excited to see how many great resources you have here on your site! Thanks for sharing.

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