Social Struggle for Position in Digital Media Composition

Inequities persist in access to technology, thus limiting opportunities for low-income youth to learn digital literacy skills required for school success and cultural participation. One recent approach to increasing opportunities with technology has been to incorporate digital media composition (DMC) into K12 curriculum. DMC provides opportunities to create media through collaborating with peers and technology. Yet, with these collaborative moments comes much conflict among people, media, and modes of expression.

This dissertation research used ethnographic methods and mediated discourse analysis to critically examine the collaborative process of DMC in schools, focusing specifically on the element of conflict and how it shapes participation in the process of composition and meaning in the final media products. This research seeks to further expand scholarship on the social dynamics of learning and equity as related to technology.


sea dragon bodyRuminations on the body in light of online communications

Photo Credit: Australian Seadragon by Zerd

This image of a seadragon, its many limbs jutting out and moving its body through the water, is a colorful and nimble invitation to the exploration of the construction of bodies online. Some of the big core questions guiding this thinking project include:

  • How do we build/write bodies into being?
  • How do we re-envision the body to understand participation online?
  • What material connections do we forge between ourselves online and off?
  • What are the affective relationships created in these connections?

I’ve been gathering resources for some time (see my growing wiki), and now it’s time to get moving.

  • movement #1:  “Knowing through Dancing”
  • movement #2:  “Visual Bias and the Flattening of the Body”
  • movement #3:  “O’Loughlin’s Creatural Existence”

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