university of wisconsin: milwaukee

CURRINS 545:  Reading in the Content Areas (3 credits)

CURRINS 547:  Curricular Applications of the Internet (3 credits)

CURRINS 538: Introduction to New Literacies (3 credits)

CURRINS 320: Critical Media Literacy (1 credit)

university of minnesota: twin cities

Through my work as site leader with the Minnesota Writing Project (MWP) and my graduate student appointments at the University of Minnesota, I taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses.

CI 5463:  MWP Invitation Summer Institute (ISI) (3 credits)

CI 5462:  Assessing and Evaluating Writing (3 credits)

CI 5475:  Teaching Digital Writing (3 credits)

CI 5461:  Teaching of Secondary Writing Methods (3 credits)

EngC 1015:  First Year Writing, Perspectives on Globalization (3)

CI 5496:  Student Teaching Seminar (Supervising Student Teachers)

k-12 teaching:

Before returning to graduate school, I worked in an elementary school, middle school, and high school in urban, suburban, and rural locations.



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